Pierced Steel Planking: the gates of the war


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Pieces of stories can be glued together. Searching for information on the American airfield that existed near Venosa between the years 1944 and 1945, forgotten memories reappeared. And, rediscovering the airfield, the men reappeared. Persons from one side to the other of the Ocean contacted each other, exchanging  addresses; sometime it's the sons or the grandsons of those who lived that era of the air force base. This is the story of the search that has allowed this meeting.


Pierced Steel Planking: the gates of the war
15th USAAF, Airfields  in Apulia
Thanks to the 485th BG Vets
First contact
Old ties
Mount Vulture, Old Sawtooth
Life at the Venosa airfeld during World War II
The kids of Venosa and the airmen
Bombs Away, the magazine
With the eyes of the children
2008: impressions
  2008: return to the base
Bibliography & Links
Venosa airfield, 2008


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